Download Emus4u iOS 11, iOS 9, iOS 11.4.1 Devices

Here is one we are going to tell you about Emus4u which is an iOS installer and it is available for iOS 9, iOS 11.0.2 devices. If you download Emus4u for iOS 11 device then you can install favorite apps, games, and tweaks without the need to jailbreak a device.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Emus4u on iOS 11 devices like Emus4u iOS 9, Emus4u iOS 11 and Emus4u 11.0.2 etc. Apple has launched their iOS 10, iOS 9 last year, from then we didn’t find any available jailbreak tools for your iOS device to customize it.

You may get a doubt that why we do jailbreak?. If you want to install apps, games, and tweaks on your iOS 11 device you need to jailbreak or use Emus4u installer to get your favorite apps. We can call Emus4u installer is an alternative to jailbreaking.

How To Download Emus4u For iOS 9, iOS 11 & iOS 11.0.2 Devices

To install Emus4u on iOS 9 devices you need to follow the below step by step guide carefully, If you skip any step of them, you won’t install Emus4u on iOS 11.0.2 device. You can do this using Safari browser, you don’t need to connect a device to Mac.

  • Launch Safari browser on your iOS 11 device ( You should use Safari browser to download Emus4u on iOS 11)


  • On the address bar, type in iinstaller.net into the URL and tap on Go


  • Once the web page loads up, tap on install on your device


  • Now it will ask you to tap allow “this website is trying to open settings to show you a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?” click on allow and tap install option


  • Click on install


  • Again tap on install


  • Finally, click on Done


  • Now you will see Emus4u icon on your Home Screen, tap on it to open


  • Click on Apps


  • Now you can install all your favorite apps, games and tweaks on your iOS 11 devices

Emus4u will successfully installed on your iOS 11 & iOS 9 devices. Once you installed Emus4u on your device, it should work fine but unfortunately, due to its user high traffic volume on the server, you might get errors. if you face any tap Emus4u not working link.